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What is the science or real hard research-type evidence is there behind the Chinese zodiac?

I have a lot of friends that are into astrology and they swear up and down about the legitimacy behind the Chinese zodiac, i see many inconsistencies behind it. I'm open to what other peoples knowledge for my question.

Thank You|||Look at the first 3 words from wiki "once upon a time"............dont most fairy tales begin with something like that.

Once upon a time, the Jade Emperor thought it'd be better to assign an animal to each year so people could more easily remember the Zodiac cycle. So he decided to hold a meeting with all the animals and he would choose 12 of them to be the Zodiac animals.|||Chinese birth year animal signs are a part of the culture, but are not considered as serious astrology in the Chinese culture and community. For fun, it's okay, but do not buy too much into it.

Similarly, the experts of Western Zodiac will tell you that the Western Sun signs alone are too shallow and inaccurate.

These shallow and inaccurate things give astrology a bad name. But people can't resist picking them up. And they quickly claim they know astrology.

In the West, vast majority of people can't get beyond the Chinese birth year animal signs. They thought the animal signs represent Chinese astrology. This is purely ignorant, and is very sad.

Don't be mislead. This is the entire point.

If you are really serious about seeking astrology help in understanding your life-time trends, pick one astrology approach, go "deep", and have it done right. You can judge for yourself afterward.

The real approaches of Chinese astrology are Ba Zi and Zi Wei Dou Shu. They each has 2,000 years of history. They are being practiced in the Chinese ethnic communities around the world.|||Swearing up and down doesn't make something true. The only thing astrology has ever accomplished is transferring money from the deceived to the deceiver.|||"science or real hard research-type evidence "


What is the Zodiac information for people born on December 19th?

I want to know all the zodiac information for people specifically born on the date December 19th please!! %26lt;3|||The Sun is in Sagittarius from November 23 to December 21, depending on the year).

Restless, cheerful, and friendly, Sun in Sagittarius people are generally on the go. They have a love of freedom, and a disdain for routine. Generally quite easygoing, Sagittarians make friends with people from all walks of life. They love to laugh and tease, and get along well with both sexes.

Sagittarians have an often blind faith in people, and in the world. Their optimism is infectious, although it can get them into trouble from time to time. These are curious people who love to learn. Their idealistic nature is hard to miss.

Although generally easygoing, Sagittarius is a fire sign. This gives natives a generally quick temper. Fortunately, they're usually as quick to forget what got them angry in the first place.

The need for escape is generally strong, and some Solar Sagittarians come across as a little irresponsible. They're generally easy to forgive, however. After all, their direct, honest approach in life is admirable.

Modality: Mutable

Element: Fire

Ruler: Jupiter

Season: Fall

9th Sign of Zodiac

Metal: Tin

Stone: Topaz

Color: Turquoise

Anatomy: Hips, Thighs, Muscles

Keywords: optimistic, restless, enthusiastic, adventurous, honest, irresponsible, outspoken, independent|||I was going to do it for you... but you need the year too.

This website should help a lot :) Hope this helped!!|||鈥?/a>

Do degrees that you where born have any effect on your zodiac?

For example say that you where born *insert zodiac* 00 degrees. Does this have any sort of effect on your zodiac?|||It's not really your zodiac, it's your horoscope or your natal chart.

The degrees and seconds help an astrologer determine whether an aspect is within orb or not, meaning, is that planet really conjunct the other one, or square that one? Or are they too far away?

There are also decans, which are three divisions within each sign that are read with different emphasis -- if your Sun is in the early degrees of the sign, it behaves a little differently than if in the middle or end. Some astrologers here give that a lot of emphasis.

In old-time astrology, each degree also had an esoteric meaning, which read something like a tarot card, an image that stood for a certain life tendency. Very few astrologers go so far as to look those up, but they are very accurate and interesting.|||Yes because the more degrees you have in your sun sign the more you act like your sign. The degreest goes up to like I think 31 degrees. My sun is in 21 degrees of Taurus so over 90% of the time I act just like a Taurus.|||Sara is right. and look up the degree. it is interesting.

If your zodiac sign has changed does it mean your personality will gradually change too?

I am a Pisces (March10) but then I discovered that my zodiac sign has shifted from Pisces to Aquarius. Does it mean that I am going to have a personality crisis or maybe my personality will gradually change? Well, what should I follow? Are the astrologers going to issue a new set of traits and personality after these changes?|||Anyone who believes the astrological signs control their personalities are complete MORONS.

NO you will not suffer an identity crises, stop being so stupid. Sorry to be so harsh, but I'm so dumbfounded when people feel that the stars have control on their lives. Stupid, superstitious nonsense.|||Your zodiac didn't change. You follow the western astrology ( The most common here) If you follow the sidereal (tropical) astrology then the sign "changed". But the " new zodiac" isn't real. It doesn't even have a steady amount of days like the Western Astrology does. It's like someone deciding to change the amount of hours in a day. The Ophicus is $#!t. I was born a Virgo, have the traits of one. To me, the Western Astrology is the only astrology.|||I don't know, I was a Pisces (march 2) and my Zodiac profile fit me to a tee, Its kinda scary I am really afraid this will alter my personality what if we all start acting differently like gradually so you don't really see the difference... I guess it could be a good thing as a Pisces I was very easy going sometimes to easygoing and felt like I let people run over me now maybe I should read up on Aquarius and see what type of profile they have?|||I doubt it. Your zodiac sign may change but it won't affect personality. A lot of times people have a zodiac sign that they have nothing in common with, so the zodiacs aren't always true.

My zodiacs:

old- Capricorn

new- Sagittarius|||Even if the zodiac signs are related to personality, they haven't changed suddenly. They have been like this for many years, so your personality won't change, unless you change it willingly.|||"you participate in the mass cultural delusion that the sun's apparent position relevant to arbitrarily defined constellations at the time of your birth somehow affects your personality"

- Sheldon Cooper|||please read:鈥?/a>|||鈥?/a>|||Please read this:;鈥?/a>|||Don't act stupid.|||No wtf u live ur life Not some stupid horoscope

If all zodiac signs go to battle at each other, who would be defeated first and the winner?

If all the zodiac signs go battling with each other, who would you think will be defeated first and likely emerge as the winner? And why do you think so, and did what were your experiences?|||Winner, Aquarius! (though humanitarians, once determined, be wary coz there will be "BLOOD SHED!!"

Defeated first, Libra (they are peaceful, and hates arguments.|||Well yeah, the most persistent signs would be the winners.

Capricorn IS the most fixed and persistent.

But Scorpio could be winner too because they can be ruthless, powerful, manipulative and vengeful. Whoever said Scorpio would be the first to lose is being naive lol.

The loser I think would be the most sensitive, introverted signs ... so either Pisces or Cancer. I've seen many Pisces men that were vicious fighters though. So I guess Cancer.

Why is everyone saying Libra?|||Defeated first, the lover/nurturer, Cancer declaring "Can't we all just get along an love each other?" ...or perhaps gentle Pisces dreaming of a better way...


Though Leo is a natural leader and Capricorn naturally authoritarian, Aries, the natural warrior/survivor ruled by the planet Mars (god of War), would be the eventual winner|||Regardless of signs, aspects, and planets...It all matters on the individual's will power.

Since I've been procrastinating and sulking lately, I would lose or forfeit to conserve energy for something else. By the way, I have a Sun in Scorpio. You're talking about Sun Signs right?|||I think Capricorn. the looser will be all sign.

I know Capricorn. They are very brainy. when they are in battle, they aren't angry at all. They will just smile and leave. After that, you are in traps of loosing the battle for your entire life.

watch out~|||Winner-most likely to be a aries, leo, or scorpio

Defeated-Libra of course (lol !)

Even thought the three winners will win, sagittarius will be the one who get the medal because he is unpredictably LUCKY!|||Winner will be Capricorn, loser will be scorpio.|||Winner - Fixed signs

Loosers - Libra or pisces|||Taurus Winner

Sagittarius big, weenie loser|||Probably Capricorn would win, and Libra would be the loser.|||AGAIN!?!?!? Oh my god! Give it a rest!!|||After all the experiences I have had, I can answer that the winner is ALWAYS the Libra, because of her untouchable equilibrium, coldness and instinct.|||Capricorn probably the winner and Pisces defeated first.

btw i'm a gemini

Does your zodiac sign have to get your WHOLE personality right?

Does your zodiac sign have to get your WHOLE personality right, or can certain things be completely off?

Example: What if it says you're impulsive and loud (true), but also deeply analytical (completely false). Is there an explanation, or is the person assumed to not know himself as well as he thinks?|||You can just go off you sun sign alone. You have to look at your whole chart to get a personality analyst. You're not going always be everything your sun sign say it is. Other influences in your chart cancels things out or bring about other things.|||Sigh...come on, really?

You want an explanation.....

It's cut and paste BULL SHlT that has been diluted and equivocated enough to hold some truth in every personality.

* Don't be a sucker.|||There is a lot more to it than just what Sun Sign you are. You have to look at the full chart. You have a Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars Sign, ect. If you want to find out what your chart says, just go to any astrology website with a free chart service.|||The only thing that maps out your fingerprint the closest is Enter birth time and birth city.|||To me, i love astrology. And the whole chart is pretty accurate, but nothing can be fully accurate of anyone. We are each our own person from different backgrounds and environments.|||None of it is written in stone but all the traits %26amp; characteristics are usually 95% on the money.|||all of that is bullshit. how can every person in the world be put into twelve categories?

In traditional chinese culture, could tattoos of your zodiac animal protect you from bad luck?

Generally if it is your year in the chinese zodiac (this year being the tiger) it is your year for bad fortune and luck. And to combat this, traditionally your wear a jade necklace of your animal.

What if you get a tattoo of your animal? Would that protect you as well?|||I'm not one for superstition, even if I do love Chinese culture, and to be honest I'm no fan of tattoos either, because they are permanent, when one day, one year, one decade after you engraved the tattoo and you regret it, there's no turning back, FOREVER, although I have no problem with people with tattoos or belief in superstition.

But I'd say no, traditionally jade necklaces are not lucky because of the engravings on them, but rather the jade itself is also a sign of prosperity of luck, as in ancient times only the wealthy were able to own precious jade, and superstition arose to believe that the jade attract all things positive, luck, fortune, jade is even believed to be able to protect you from evil spirits.

So look-wise, jade necklaces are not only more elegant and show-worthy than tattoos, like owning a gold watch than having one drawn on your wrist, but superstition-wise it is also more ... uhhh ... powerful against bad luck.|||The Chinese calendar before modern times (the year 1911, when the Republic of China replaced the imperial Ching Dynasty), uses a dual system.

The first one is named after an emperor's reign. For example, the last emperor was Xuan Tung, who ascended the throne in 1909. That year would be named Year One of Xuan Tung. Unfortunately, in a person's life time, which probably averages no more than 60 years, there may have been several changes of the throne, the duration of each may be several years or may be several decades. It does not make it easy for one to calculate another person's age by the name of the emperor and the year of the reign when that person is born. (It was important for government officials to know every citizen's age. The rate of tax in terms of amount of produce or days of labor vary according to the person's age. In general young men would be taxed at a higher rate.)

The second one uses a system that runs a 60 year cycle and repeats itself every 60 years.

This second system requires some explanation.

Chinese writing symbols are known as "characters".

This system uses two characters to name each year. The first character is taken from a set of 12 characters in a defined order, starting with the character "Jia".

The second character is taken from a set of 10 characters, starting with the character "Tzi"

Let us use the alphabets as the first charater in the two-character system, ABCDEFGHIJKL.

Let us use the numbers as the second character in the two-character system, 1 through 10.

Tom was born in the year A1. The next year will be B2, when Tom will be one year of age. When Tom is two years old, the calendar year will be C3. When Tom reaches 10 years of age, that year will be K1. When he is 12 year old, it will be the year A3. If you list it accordingly, when he is 60 yr of age, it will be the year A1 again, when all the conbinations have been exhausted.

You can reach the same conclusion by solving for the Lowest Common Multiple of the numbers 12 and 10 (remember there are 12 different characters in the first set and 10 in the 2nd set).

In ancient China, most of the population are illiterate peasants. An easy way for them to remember their age would be to assign an animal to each of the first set of 12 characters. This is the origin of the so-called Chinese Zodiac. An illiterate person will always remember that he was born in the year of the Dragon although he might not know the characters representing that year (Jia Tzi).

The belief that a person's characteristics, temperament or fortune is determined by the animal of the Chinese Zodiac is totally misguided. The assignment of the 60 years (more than an average life-span in ancient China) to five rotating cycles of 12 years designated by 12 different animals was merely a means for the government to administer a largely illiterate populace in ancient China.

You can tattoo yourself with whatever animal represented in the Chinese Zodiac. It will not affect your fortunes in any way whatsoever.